Limited and isolated access to endpoint data, event logs and network traffic must be a relic of the past:

Security operations must have flexible access to the full range of enterprise data to keep pace with the increasing number of “unagentable” and other operational…

AI models are at the heart of every AI solution. There is no solution without a model. It is of­ten neglected, however, that model building is only a part of the entire AI lifecycle, and does not have any business impact in itself.

And even worse, data science work is…

In this article, we introduce an innovative declarative approach to describe AI solutions.

Data processing always made a big step forward with respective flexibility and speed, when software development was augmented by declarative approaches: Declarative bu­siness rules and SQL statements are prominent examples of this development.

SAISL, short for Structured…

Suppose you are an AI solution provider, and you constantly implement AI-driven products to help cus­tomers optimize current business processes or develop new business oppor­tuni­ties.

Remember the last time a retailer asked you to implement an AI-driven software pro­duct to predict the demand of products for the next week in…

At a Glance

PredictiveWorks. accelerates the complete AI lifecycle and de­fines a new standard for uni­fied AI platforms. Data science work alone does not make a bu­siness solution, will not aug­ment de­­­ci­sions or create any kind of ROI.

The focus is on the AI triad of data, models and solution, a fast track…

What do you mean? Give me an example. What about bot detection?

No way without em­bracing AI. And no alternative besides waiting until AI-driven software applications are made available at some point?

This article is not about an…

AI use cases show great diversity. Not every business problem a priori has an unknown so­lu­tion and requires research and scientific work. Many companies have similar problems, and these can be sol­ved with reusable AI applications. AI can be like cooking.

In our previous article, we looked into the survey…

Millions of Europe’s SMEs in Covid-19 economy can not wait years until future AI centers of excellence have graduated and trained millions of missing data experts. Let’s look at Fast AI cooking to move DataOps teams at lightning speed.

Artificial Intelligence can be like cooking

Europe has 23M SMEs, and according to the EU’s di­gi­ti­zation index, more than 1.6M of them plan or already started their digital journey to become data centric.

Data centric

Terms such as “data centric” ship with so many different meanings that we decided to…

In this article, we focus on a high-impact cyber security use case: Bot detection in single en­ter­prise networks. We demonstrate step-by-step how PredictiveWorks. can be used to imple­ment a com­prehensible and reusable solution to identify C&C do­mains without writing a single line of code.


PredictiveWorks. is the future of AI adoption: Business driven, organized by a seman­tic framework and based on Lego-like buil­ding blocks. It is an AI assembly line to orchestrate AI applications just like music play lists with a point-and-click user experience.

Built on top of Google’s CDAP and with 200+ data…


The world´s first AI-prediction template provisioning and sharing platform for advanced data analytics.

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