A new standard for unified AI platforms

At a Glance

PredictiveWorks. accelerates the complete AI lifecycle and de­fines a new standard for uni­fied AI platforms. Data science work alone does not make a bu­siness solution, will not aug­ment de­­­ci­sions or create any kind of ROI.

Declarative AI solutions instead of tedious data science work and software engineering.

PredictiveWorks. is a declarative AI application platform. At the heart is the structured AI solu­tion language, SAISL, to describe the entire solution with all its tasks and workflows. An inte­grated code generator and scalable runtime brings every declarative solution to action in mi­nutes.

Integrate data at rest and in motion from and to everywhere.

Data diversity with hundreds of sources & destinations, formats and APIs is no longer an after­thought. PredictiveWorks. makes data fusion a first-class AI citizen, integrates into every bu­si­ness environment and supports all phases of data preparation to make AI models efficient and relevant.

Manage full spectrum machine intelligence instead of operating a plethora of isolated frameworks.

PredictiveWorks. comes with a clear commitment to Apache Spark for lightning-fast com­puta­tion and unified integration: For deep and machine learning, SQL queries, business rules, natu­ral language and time series processing.

Access trained AI models in production without any delay.

PredictiveWorks. embeds a comprehensive AI model management into every data operator that is in touch with an AI model. Experimentation & production workflows become closely connected, interact with the same model and reuse the same pre-com­piled component for the same pre- and post-processing task. In short: Predict as you train.

Minimal time-to-value with the smallest possible team for a broad range of use cases.

Under the Hood

PredictiveWorks. is a declarative AI application platform with a scalable data fusion foun­da­tion and charged with full-spectrum machine intelligence. A built-in AI model management features “predict as you train” and closely ties experimentation and production together.

Data fusion as first-class AI citizen

Data is one of the components of the AI triad and data fusion defines the basis for data under­standing. No ingestion, collection and aggregating, contextualization and wrangling without a scalable data fusion foundation.

  • listen to aggregated sensor readings from IoT platforms like Things­Board or opera­tional data from WITSML servers of Gas & Oil industry
  • write data to cloud data warehouses like Salesforce or
  • build an enterprise grade data lake with e.g., Aerospike or Crate DB,
  • and more,

Full spectrum machine intelligence

PredictiveWorks. supports machine intelligence the same way, that data fusion use cases are supported. With 150+ configurable pre-compiled data operators ranging from deep and ma­chine learning to business rules & SQL queries to natural language & time se­ries processing.

  • Apache Spark MLlib for machine learning,
  • JBoss Drools for business rule processing,
  • Apache Spark SQL for query pro­cessing,
  • John Snow LABS SparkNLP for natural language processing, and
  • SparkTIME by Dr. Krusche & Partner for time series analytics.

Next-generation AI model management

No data journey from business problem to AI-driven solution at lightning speed without a fast track from experimentation to AI models in pro­duction.

AI solutions made reusable and shareable

Unlike all other unified AI platforms, PredictiveWorks. completely removes software engineer­ing and supports a declarative approach for all phases of the AI lifecycle.

The world´s first AI-prediction template provisioning and sharing platform for advanced data analytics.