LoRaWAN® Sensors as a Service (Pt. 2)

n one of our last posts, we introduced PredictiveWorks. first mile, SensorBeats. A SensorBeat is a digital twin of a LoRaWAN® sensors with built-in monitoring, anomaly detection, deep time series fore-casting, and seamless integration with smart data pipelines and advanced real-time event processing.

Even if a few SensorBeats are sufficient to enable smart businesses to benefit from IoT and advanced data technology, SensorBeats were made to connect to IoT (application) networks with ease.

In this post, we introduce our SensorBeat’s FIWARE output channel. This channel was implemented to publish sensor readings AND also inferred insights (anomalies, forecasts) to a FIWARE Context
Broker, and thereby supporting the NGSIv2 API.

In contrast to more traditional IoT infrastructures, PredictiveWorks. implements the concept of decentralized intelligence, where data are transformed into valuable information from the very beginning.

This makes SensorBeats different from plain data shippers and e.g.
FIWARE enabled IoT network are fed with information instead of a flood of raw data.

Leveraging FIWARE Context Brokers on the one hand, and Predictive-Works. SensorBeats on the other hand, makes it easy to e.g. build smart food supply chains and contribute to transforming our
food system:

From sensors for monitor production environments and carbon footprints to measuring intermediate stages along the supply chain to measuring freshness and quality.

Technology has reached an inflection point to make all this possible today: LoRaWAN® Sensors, global networks like The Things Network, SensorBeats as digital twin technology and FIWARE for
IoT-based information networks.

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PredictiveWorks. is a declarative (code-free) AI software factory that revolutionizes the AI production process. #IoT

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PredictiveWorks. is a declarative (code-free) AI software factory that revolutionizes the AI production process. #IoT

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