Suppose you are an AI solution provider, and you constantly implement AI-driven products to help cus­tomers optimize current business processes or develop new business oppor­tuni­ties.

Remember the last time a retailer asked you to implement an AI-driven software pro­duct to predict the demand of products for the next week in every store. Or a manufacturer to find anomalies in IoT device behavior to take action and mitigate production downtime.

It is the first discussions and initial feasibility phase in which the course is set for a successful project and cus­tomer loyalty, or the opposite.

Customers often underestimate the technical complexities of their seemingly simple business re­quests and demand fast AI-driven products. In addition, they often have little to con­tri­bute to precisely describe product requirements.

The fast implementation of an AI product on the one hand and the detailed common under­stand­ing of the business problem, the planned solution and the required tasks on the other hand need not to be in contradiction.

Imagine you can use a similar problem with similar business drivers and desired outcomes, to visualize and explain every individual task, workflow and data operator that span a similar so­lution. Such that your customers understand and trust your proposed solution and its relation to their bu­siness problem.

Imagine you need just a few keywords to find recommended AI solution tem­plates for your cus­tomer’s business problem. Whether you look for a complete business case, a specific task and workflow, and even a certain data operator. The best AI solution template is just a few clicks away.

PredictiveWorks. adds the Structured AI Solution Language, SAISL, to the landscape of unified AI platforms. AI solutions are described as end-to-end reproducible and reusable SAISL docu­ments, from business case, drivers and desired outcomes to associated tasks to work­flows and workflow components.

A central repository is used to manage SAISL documents and provide easy access with a search and recommendation engine.

Declarative AI solutions, persisted as SAISL documents, represent a new era for AI solution pro­vider. Projects produce plenty of ideas, tasks, workflows and configurations, and re-present valuable knowledge.

All this recorded as a single structured text document and made accessible via search and re­com­mendation is a huge step to move far beyond standard Jupyter and other AI notebooks to make AI projects reproducible.

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PredictiveWorks. is a declarative (code-free) AI software factory that revolutionizes the AI production process. #IoT

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PredictiveWorks. is a declarative (code-free) AI software factory that revolutionizes the AI production process. #IoT